Excited? Anxious?
Or Both?

We’re with you! Improve your knowledge and build your confidence for your parenting journey. Get evidence-based education from trusted healthcare professionals.

Excited? Anxious?
Or Both?

We’re with you! Improve your knowledge and build your confidence for your parenting journey. Get evidence-based education from trusted healthcare professionals.

We Are Healthcare Professionals

Looking for a trusted, professional source of parenting education and support? Want to access up-to-date, unbiased information about pregnancy, birth, and parenthood?

Our team of enthusiastic, expert health professionals is ready to guide you through pregnancy and into parenthood. We are a modern alternative, drawing on the very latest evidence-based research. Together, let’s get ready to parent.

Ultimate Live Online Classes

Ultimate Childbirth Class

$129.00 per couple

Our famous Ultimate Childbirth Class offers expectant parents convenient class times (full day or 2 half-days)

1-to-1 email support with our midwife, from time of booking right up until 6 months post-birth

Feel at ease and confident about your parenting journey

Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

Get this class for FREE

In advance of the big arrival, we are here to get you ready to breastfeed

This 3.5-hour class is taught by practicing lactation consultants

Get your breastfeeding journey off to the best possible start

Ultimate Baby First Aid Class

$59.00 per couple

This 3-hour class gives new parents the confidence to know what actions to take if faced with a medical emergency

Everything you need to know about caring for your child if they are sick, injured, or require CPR

Ultimate Weaning Baby Onto Solids Class

$49.00 per couple

This 3-hour live online class is delivered by our expert Health Professional with the most up-to-date, evidence-based information

Designed to help you understand the why, when, and how of weaning

Get the skills and confidence you need to start introducing solid foods to your baby

Free Baby-Care Class

This FREE online Baby-Care Class, to give you all the knowledge you need for those first few days and weeks at home with baby

This 2-hour live class will cover everything from cord care, to safe sleep

Feel better prepared and more confident for your transition to parenthood

Free Prepare to Breastfeed Class

Learn from expert Lactation Consultants

Ideal for those considering or planning to Breastfeed

Tailored for those in their second or third trimester for pregnancy

Free Baby-Safety Class

This FREE 90-minute online class is ideal for both existing and expectant parents

Know what to do about common baby safety issues

Giving you peace of mind

First 6 Weeks at Home Class

FREE 2-hour live online First 6 Weeks at Home Class with Q&A

This class is ideal for expectant parents or for those who have just had their baby (or babies!)

Be prepared for those first few weeks at home with baby

Free Introducing Baby to Solids Class

Learn how to start your feeding journey safely and confidently

Let our Expert Dietician take you step-by-step through how to start your baby on solid foods

Tailored for those whose baby is 3-5 months old

Free Postpartum Mental Health Class

Free 2-hour class delivered by professional healthcare experts with experience in postpartum mental health

Learn about emotional wellbeing from conception to one year after baby is born

We’re here to support you

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Meet The Experts

All our online classes and support services are delivered by practising, trusted healthcare professionals, who are passionate about helping you build your confidence and prepare you for all stages of your parenting journey.


Co-founder, Certified Nurse-Midwife and Head of Childbirth Education


Certified Nurse-Midwife and Childbirth Class Instructor


Certified Nurse-Midwife and Childbirth Class Instructor

Dr. Elysse

Certified Nurse-Midwife and Childbirth Class Instructor


Certified Nurse-Midwife and Childbirth Class Instructor


Certified Nurse-Midwife and Childbirth Class Instructor


Certified Nurse-Midwife and Childbirth Class Instructor


Certified Nurse-Midwife and Childbirth Class Instructor

Why Our Customers Love Us

Started with the 2-hour Baby Care virtual session and it was so hugely helpful. The midwife who ran the session, Emily, was fantastic. After this first session, we immediately signed up for the one-day full course that will also cover labor, birth and potential complications, your first 100 days as a parent, and baby first aid. Very grateful for this resource as we prep for our first baby!
Kelsey Millay
Kelsey M.
15:31 26 Mar 22
Highly recommend. Great instructor and great information provided!
Jonathan Lobus
Jonathan L.
15:42 31 Jan 22
I am always hesitant with classes that I find online for FREE no less but i must say i HIGHLY recommend this! im definitely more of a 'the less you know' person and this was NOT overwhelming for me at all and my husband watched along and said same thing. Thank you so much Baby Academy!
Pollack Pilates
Pollack P.
16:36 15 Jan 22
My husband and I attended the free Baby Care Workshop. I had recently taken a free workshop from a different company that was just a sales pitch and didn’t reach me anything so I was hesitant about taking another freebie but I’m so glad we did! The instructor taught us a lot and was incredibly responsive. I can’t count the number of times that I said “I’m so glad we took this because I didn’t know that” (like about products that are marketed as being safe for babies but are actually dangerous). We immediately signed up for the Ultimate Childbirth Class and that got us a discount on the Ultimate Breastfeeding and Ultimate First Aid classes so we plan on signing up for those as well. Highly, highly recommend!!!
Matt and Ashley McCarthy
Matt and Ashley M.
14:45 21 Dec 21
This is my 3rd Baby Academy class. I took the Baby Safety and Baby Care one already. I really, really enjoyed the Childbirth Class and so glad I took it. Emily was awesome and as much as I loved the other instructors, she has been my favorite by far.I wasn't planning on taking any classes since my fiancé has had 3 babies prior to our first (and my first child), so I was relying on his breadth of knowledge (which he does have a lot of lol), but thought I should also be prepared. I feel so much more confident and more aware of what will happen. I was also recently told I may need a c-section, so having this class and knowing what I might expect has been a great introduction and I feel less scared if this is the route my OB decides to take.Have a wonderful & safe holiday! And see you in Jan for the Breastfeeding class!
Mariko Perry
Mariko P.
03:54 21 Dec 21
Got a lot of great information and advice for things we didn't even think to ask about or know about. It's also great to hear other people's questions and get the answers for anything you wouldn't think to ask or know about.
Jillian Goodworth
Jillian G.
17:02 23 Nov 21
I signed up for the birth class, It was a very informative, the instructor was really patient and eloquent- she gave us breaks in between and answered all questions posted. I thought I’d be bored through the 9:30a-4:30p but I wasn’t. I learnt a lot and would recommend especially for first time parents!
Benitta Kiconco
Benitta K.
16:31 16 Nov 21
I’m so glad I took this class. It truly covered a lot of important information for new and experienced parents/caregivers. My husband and I are first-time parents of a 7 month-old baby boy, so it definitely gave me peace of mind learning everything that she shared today in class!
Britni W
Britni W
18:11 29 Oct 21
This online class is super informative for new parents like me and my husband. We would love to attend more workshops like this one and get ourselves well prepared for labor and baby caring.
Sherry Zhang
Sherry Z.
17:23 20 Sep 21
We've 3 weeks to go to the due date and The Baby Academy has us as ready as we'll ever be! We've done every one of the classes and they've helped us out so much. The platform is so easy, the midwives and teachers are second to none and the content is very well put together. Slick operation
Daragh Blennerhassett
Daragh B.
15:57 02 Sep 21
We really enjoyed Emily's presentation and knowledge of all of the material. It was a very helpful class and we will recommend it to any friends looking for a virtual childbirth class.
Alyssa West
Alyssa W.
13:47 12 Aug 21
This is a great class! Definitely worth the time and money. I feel more confident in my choices when it comes to deciding what I want and what the baby needs. The educator Rachel delivered information in a way where you feel like you have options and the ball is in your court. Not pushy and no pressure to choose this or that ( completely unbiased) I highly recommend this class for new moms even second time or third mom's. Maybe you'll find out something you didn't know before or would like to try! Thank you baby academy!
Quashima Isaac
Quashima I.
14:23 04 Aug 21
This class was super helpful as a first time mom! I'm also glad to be getting the video and notes to also show my husband as well. Jannah was thorough and took time to answer all of our questions. Great class, thank you!
Abrianna Roberts
Abrianna R.
17:55 19 Jul 21
Such a great class! Very informative I feel like a big weight has been lifted from my conscience.
Patrice Nailed It!
Patrice Nailed I.
03:48 23 Jun 21
This was a great class! Better than the one my midwifery practice offered and the instructor was engaging and knowledgeable.Thank you!
Danielle Ferraro
Danielle F.
15:42 21 Jun 21
Everything was great. The instructors really have a passion for teaching about baby care.
William DiMaio
William D.
15:31 09 May 21
Great class- lots of info but wasn't overwhelming. You get to ask questions in real time and the midwife answers all of them. Definitely recommend!
Kristin Quinn
Kristin Q.
17:32 17 Apr 21
Odessa was a great instructor. Very informative and made the class fun and interactive. She was very thorough with all of the material and answering of our questions. The demonstrations were very helpful. I would highly recommend this workshop and Odessa to everybody!
Jen Do-Yu
Jen D.
15:19 21 Mar 21
Amazing class with so much helpful information that has given me more confidence as I prepare to become a Mother! Thank you so much for this incredible workshop! Loved Emily our certified midwife/nurse and her knowledge on every topic.
17:57 15 Mar 21
Really helpful resource, especially for first time moms or moms who need a refresher! Also great if your partner is feeling like they want to be more involved and learn more information. The rates are reasonable and they are flexible with covering the classes through insurance, HSA, etc.I took the Baby Care and Birthing Classes. Both teachers were friendly, engaging and willing to answer any and all questions! Thanks again for these training during this exciting yet nerve wracking time.
Sarah Keeler
Sarah K.
16:16 15 Mar 21
Really great class! I learned so much and feel much more prepared for the birth of my baby. I highly recommend Dr. Elle as well, she was awesome and provided a lot of helpful extra information that I didn't know I needed! Overall wonderful class and I highly recommend to any new expecting moms!
Nyajia Williams
Nyajia W.
01:23 22 Feb 21
Excellent course! I'm a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner but my husband and I are first time parents, so I wanted a course we could do together. I learned quite a lot that I'll be passing on to my patients in practice. He's also feeling confident about tackling fatherhood.Dr. Elle was awesome. Thank you!
Brittany Powell-Savoy
Brittany P.
22:49 21 Feb 21
Content was rich and very helpful! Overall, my wife and I felt this course really prepared us well for the arrival of our new baby.
John Lee
John L.
16:36 21 Feb 21
Loved the class! Started with the 2 hour free class which led me to booking this one... worth every penny! Emily was so knowledgeable and my husband and I feel like we learned so much. We feel prepared and are armed with the right questions to ask as we approach our upcoming delivery, Thanks to all!
Megan Wente
Megan W.
13:51 21 Feb 21
Emily was a fantastic instructor! I learned so much and thought the class was well paced and the appropriate number of breaks were given. The structure is great with questions after each section - less distractions/people chiming in allow you to focus on the material. I like Emily's/The Baby Academy's approach that while this is what is recommended, every baby and situation is different so things will vary person to person and family to family.I wish Emily could consult with me through the rest of pregnancy and when baby is here!
Darya DeMaso
Darya D.
19:29 09 Feb 21
Emily is a true professional, and we really, really enjoyed the full-day childbirth session. We learned so much, and I feel much more relaxed and confident following the session.
Ines Schumacher
Ines S.
17:19 01 Feb 21
We took both the 2 hour baby care class and the 7 hour birthing class online. The birthing class is long but the information was well paced. Both classes were very helpful for us as expecting parents. Odessa was an excellent presenter. The baby academy sends you slides and resources after the fact, and you have the option to watch the class again.
Stephen Lu
Stephen L.
12:39 25 Jan 21
Loved Cris and the course! My partner and I feel much more confident after taking the online class. Everyone we interacted with was friendly and helpful.
Jade Noyce
Jade N.
20:13 21 Dec 20
My husband and I loved our experience with Baby Academy US. Amber was very sweet and interactive. She answered every question we had. We enjoyed the breaks she gave us throughout. We took notes the whole time and we are excited to look back at slides/presentation for future reference. Will recommend this class to future mamas and friends!
Marissa Gomes
Marissa G.
17:38 13 Dec 20
This online course was incredibly informative and kept our attention the entire day. It was just what we needed, well rounded and touched on not only labor/delivery but the 4th trimester and health/safety/CPR. Thanks again
Erica Young
Erica Y.
14:58 07 Dec 20
This was very informative and so happy to have taken the class. Money well spent. Also, Odessa was great and answering every question even when there seemed like a lot of them as all questions were good. I feel more prepared as a first time mama.
Tamika Hardy
Tamika H.
14:22 01 Dec 20
This class was great! Very informative !
Niya Cameron
Niya C.
22:06 08 Nov 20
Great quality classes with excellent instructors. Feeling much more informed after attending.
Brittany Simpson Joseph
Brittany Simpson J.
17:27 08 Nov 20
I attended the Free Baby Care Workshop online, and as a first time expectant Mom I found the class so very helpful!! Jannah was our instructor, she was so knowledgeable, I truly feel more prepared for this journey of parenthood after taking this course. Thank you Baby Academy.
Angelina Hill
Angelina H.
18:17 19 Sep 20
Highly recommend the baby academy, I have already recommended to many friends that have had a wonderful experience getting advice from the professionals, 5 stars and thumbs up 👍🏻
Nicola Rowley
Nicola R.
21:37 26 Jul 20