Feel confident about breastfeeding

Don’t worry if you can’t feed instantly, it is new for both you and your baby so sometimes it can take a little while to master! The Midwives in the hospital are there to give you lots of support and help you through some of the initial difficulties. Skin to skin straight after birth can encourage baby to breastfeed and increase your hormones needed for breastfeeding. Offer baby the breast frequently and don’t be afraid  to ask for any help you may need.

It is very rare for women to not be able to breastfeed at all and in the initial stages women frequently feel powerless as they struggle to feed their baby. Remember, new born babies have a really tiny tummy and it’s normal that they feed in small amounts very regularly which leads to mom thinking she can’t satisfy baby.

In the first few days, your body will produce colostrum or ‘liquid gold’ as it is rightly called. Colostrum can be hand expressed and given to your baby if you are having difficulties latching, but don’t stress if baby does not latch instantly, sometimes it can take a little while to master. If your baby is passing urine and stools frequently and settling between feeds at the breast this is a good indicator that your baby is feeding well from your breast.

Don’t feel like you ever have to give up, every time you supplement baby with formula instead of putting baby to the breast, your milk supply will lessen a bit as milk production is stimulated by supply and demand (the more they feed the more you produce). Therefore you would find the following 24 hours after given formula, baby may appear to be more hungry and your supply may not meet their demand. If you wish to breastfeed then try to avoid supplementing formula as this may inhibit your supply.

How you choose to feed your baby is completely up to you so go with whatever makes you feel happiest and most confident.