How to turn your breech baby naturally at home

You may be anxious for your baby to turn head down to avoid an ECV (external cephalic version) or a C-Section, we have made a list of the most effective methods of encouraging your baby to flip!

Typically breech exercises are performed prior to 37 weeks gestation because your baby has a bit less room to turn at 37 weeks & beyond. As long as your obstetric provider has given you the go-ahead to attempt these exercises there is no harm in still trying.

The breech tilt:

  • To perform this exercise you need to elevate your hips between 9 and 12 inches above your head. There are a few ways to accomplish this with the easiest being to lie on the ground and prop your hips up with pillows while resting your feet on a couch or chair. Always have someone assist you into & out of this position for the safety of your & your pregnancy.
  • This exercise should be done three times a day for ten to fifteen minutes each time on an empty stomach. The best time is when your baby is the most active. Try to relax and breathe deeply during the exercise to avoid tensing the abdominal muscles.

Knee to chest exercise:

  • Get down on your knees on the floor or bed and rest your forearms on the ground/ in front of you. Place a pillow under your knees for comfort if performing this exercise on the ground. Stick your butt into the air and tuck your chin. This position allows the lower part of your uterus to expand, making room for the baby to turn.
  • This position should be held for five to fifteen minutes, twice a day & should be done on an empty stomach.

Hot and cold compresses. Something cold applied to the top of the uterus and/or something warm to the bottom of the uterus may encourage your baby to move away from the cold sensation and towards the warm one.

  • An ice pack or a packet of frozen veggies can be used for this exercise. Place the cold compress on top of your tummy near the baby’s head. Always use cold compresses on the outside of your clothes to prevent burning the skin. The aim is to have the baby move away from the coldness and turn to find a warmer, more comfortable position.
  • A cold compress can also be used in a bathtub with the lower half of your belly submerged in hot water. Alternatively, you can place a warm compress on the lower half of your belly.
  • This hot and cold technique can be done for as long and as often as you like. This technique can also be used in combination with the breech tilt.

Sound to encourage your baby to turn:

  • One way to use sound to turn your baby is by playing music through headphones placed on the lower part of your tummy.
  • Alternatively, you could have a partner place their mouth on your lower abdomen and talk to the baby, encouraging him or her to move towards the sound of their voice. This is also a wonderful time for bonding.

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