Meet the team – Emily

Meet Emily, one of The Baby Academy’s Nurse-Midwives and Childbirth Class Instructors

Emily has been practicing as a full-scope certified nurse-midwife for over a decade having earned her master’s in midwifery from The Ohio State University. She is nationally board-certified and has been lucky enough to “catch” almost 1,000 babies so far! Emily has experience attending births both in a hospital setting and in a freestanding birth center. In 2019, she authored a journal article on the outcomes of water birth in the hospital, as well as a textbook chapter on evidence-based OB care. In 2020, she began a full-time faculty position and is now teaching certified nurse-midwife students. She places great value on patient education, whether during pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum, or well visits. Informed consent and shared decision-making have always been cornerstones of her practice. She is committed to furthering equity in pregnancy care in the US in order to address racial disparities in pregnancy and infant outcomes.

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