Postpartum C-Section Care: What you Need to Know

It’s easy to neglect postpartum C-section care after the birth of your newborn baby. Life becomes very busy and your attention is inevitably focused on the bundle of joy you brought into the world. However, it’s important to take time to recover yourself and that includes taking care of your C-section scar and yourself after this operation. Here are the answers to some common questions to help you get through this post-op recovery:

How can I take care of my C-section wound?

Follow the instructions provided for you by your healthcare provider on how to care for your incision. And what pain relief you may need.

Remember to keep your wound clean and dry. Gently rinse with plain water daily.

What should I wear as my wound heals?

It’s recommended to wear loose-fitting clothes while you’re in recovery to keep any pressure off your wound. Loose tracksuit bottoms, gypsy pants, dresses and skirts are perfect for this! Alternatively, you can just continue wearing your maternity clothes. There is also underwear available specifically to be worn for C-section recovery that would be a good thing to buy in advance!

Should I use a C-section massage?

C-section massages are highly recommended to aid your scar’s healing process. Before the scar has closed, spend a few minutes a day stretching the skin around the scar gently. Once the incision has healed, move your fingers along the scar stretching the skin slightly in different directions. This prevents the scar from adhering to different organs in your body, which can lead to various health issues in the future.

How long does a C-section take to heal?

The general guideline for C-section recovery is 6 months however, of course, this varies between people. This process is different for each person and contacting your healthcare provider if you feel that your recovery is particularly lengthy or difficult is important.

How can I tell if my wound is infected?

The common symptoms to look out for in the case of a scar infection is a fever, swelling of the wound, and discharge coming from the wound. Increasing pain is also a symptom of a possible infection. If you have any of these or other symptoms, contact your healthcare provider to keep them updated.

What do I need to avoid doing during C-section recovery?

Any strenuous exercise or heavy lifting should be avoided during recovery. Your body is already doing enough work helping you recover from your operation so give yourself a break. Discover our postpartum mental health class for better wellbeing and support during recovery.