FREE 1-to-1 Breastfeeding Consultations through insurance

Want a better breastfeeding experience for you and baby?
Build your confidence as a first, second or subsequent time mom. Feel empowered to achieve your breastfeeding goals.

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60-Minute Consultation: Usually $79…Yours for FREE

Did You Know?

Based on the Affordable Healthcare Act 2010, The Baby Academy ensure that you get our 1-to-1 Breastfeeding Consultations for FREE. The process is simple:

  1. Book and pay for your consultation ($79)
  2. We email you a receipt, which includes all the relevant details your insurance provider requires
  3. You send this receipt, along with your policy details, to your insurance provider, who will then reimburse for 100%

Note: If for any reason there is an issue with your insurance company reimbursing you, contact us and we will reimburse you 100% ourselves.

Experts that Empower

The Baby Academy’s International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs), have the highest credentials and years of experience supporting parents and babies. Our 1-to-1 personalised IBCLC breastfeeding consultations help you feel at ease and provide you with practical, evidence-based knowledge and support you need for you and your baby to thrive.

Find out more about our 1-to-1 expert-led, personalized Breastfeeding Consultations today!

60-Minute Consultation: Usually $79…Yours for FREE

Reasons to Book a Breastfeeding Consultation

Nipple Pain

Latching Issues

Clogged Ducts

Low Milk Supply

Feeding Schedule


Colostrum Harvesting


Tongue Tie


Weight Gain



Plus any other feeding questions you have

Overcome any breastfeeding challenges. Feel confident feeding your baby.
Although breastfeeding is natural it does not always come naturally and is a learned skill.
Get practical, friendly, and compassionate support when you need it from our expert lactation consultants.

60-Minute Consultation: Usually $79…Yours for FREE

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