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What You Get With Your Free Class

If we don’t hypnotise you, what do we do? In other words, what even is Hypnobirthing?! This comprehensive 3-hour class is designed to answer just that! Most expectant parents pay hundreds for a Hypnobirthing Class, however, we've decided to give our community of expectant parents this class completely FREE.

Learn relaxation and breathing techniques that are proven to help ease the pain of labour and birth

Understand your body and make choices that are right for you

Now FREE (usually $99)

Get Expert and Practical Advice On

What is Hypnobirthing?

The role of Hypnobirthing Tracks

Hypnobirthing language

The importance of birthing hormones

The Physiology of Birthing... and what you can do to help the process


Hypnobirthing Toolkit

Pregnancy Yoga

Breathing Techniques


Heat Therapy


Positions for Birthing


Positive Affirmations


Decision Making with BRAIN

Price: $0 (Free of charge)

When: We have dates and times to suit Moms in each and every State!

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