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  • Some BIG news! Here at The Baby Academy, we are passionate about delivering the most modern and evidence-based childbirth education. Our team of Certified Nurse-Midwives have simplified the knowledge you need to know into what we call the “The Baby Academy’s 5 Pillars”. At this free 2-hour workshop we will cover one of these pillars: Baby Care. We also run a full-day online Childbirth Class (also known as a Birthing Class) that covers the other 4 Pillars. The full-day online class covers all things pregnancy, labor and early parenthood, as well as Breastfeeding Preparation and Baby First Aid. We are delighted to announce that (i) if you have Private Health Insurance, you can get a 100% reimbursement on the full-day class (ii) if you have Medicaid, you may be entitled to a special 75% Medicaid Discount on the full-day class (iii) if you have an FSA/HSA/HRA account, you can use this to book the full-day class. Amazing news! If you have any questions on the full-day class in advance of the free workshop, please do let us know at any time.
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