Baby Safety Workshop launches along with Baby First Aid Class

Today, our team launched our third curriculum, solely focused on keeping baby safe. Topics such as what to do if baby chokes and how to perform safe CPR on baby are two of the many critical topics that we cover.

Free Online Baby Safety Workshop (Irish website): See here

Followed by our paid Ultimate Online Baby First Aid Class (Irish website): See here

Leading health professionals have built this curriculum over the past four months, based on their experience working in some of the busiest Children’s Hospitals.

Our first baby step is to launch this softly in Ireland on Saturday 20th March, with the plan to launch it in the UK, USA, Canada and South Africa in May. Classes will be delivered live and online by Paediatric Nurses local to each country.

This new curriculum joins the other two we have live, the first based on preparing first-time parents for their baby’s birth and the second based on preparing Mums who wish to Breastfeed.

Thank you to our entire team, who continuously work towards our vision of improved health and enhanced development for parents and babies globally.