Advice on becoming a dad

You’re going to be a dad, congrats! What now?

Your partner may be getting most of the attention right now and you may feel unsure of where to turn as there’s very limited support offered to men/partners during this time. Your life is undergoing some massive changes so it’s normal for dads-to-be to feel anxious about the ordeal.

First-time dad advice has been a frequent topic of discussion in our online antenatal classes. There are several top tips we can give you in order to help ease your anxieties and prepare you even a little for this big change. Before we start, it would be helpful to have a chat with your other half to find out how you can help support a healthy pregnancy as everyone’s experience is different.

Learn as much as you can! There are several things a woman can no longer do or even eat when she’s pregnant to protect the health of her baby. Knowing these “rules” you can help out with the little things such as cleaning out the cat litter tray or avoid making soft boiled eggs for breakfast.

You can learn the fundamentals at an antenatal class. The term antenatal means “before birth” and these classes teach expectant parents how to navigate pregnancy and prepare for parenthood. At our FREE Baby Care Workshop you’ll learn all the basics such as bathing, changing nappies and dressing your baby. It’s easy to assume your partner has all the answers – after all, she has spent nine months carrying the baby with her – but she is new to this as well, and she needs your help.

Ensure you’re confident in your role as a supportive birth partner. Talk to your partner about their birth preferences and pain relief options during labour and birth. Be prepared to advocate for your partner, you may need to let the midwife know in labour what her preferences are, in case she’s not feeling too chatty!

During the last few weeks of pregnancy your partner may be low on energy and feeling uncomfortable. Getting the house and car ready for baby is a big help in the final stages. Set up baby’s cot or Moses basket in your room and install the car seat for baby’s drive home from the hospital.

Even though life as you know it will never be the same again, it’s going to be a whole lot more rewarding!

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