Antenatal Advice: Am I in labour?

Am I in labour?? The million-dollar question on every expecting Mums’ mind, and as a mum of two I remember feeling that there was nothing more frustrating than hearing wise words such as ‘Oh… you’ll know!’, to which I would answer, but how?… to be then told ‘you’ll just know!’. Maybe you will… however it might be nice to be a bit more prepared so that you can be tuned into some early warning signs worth looking out for… so here at The Baby Academy we are only too happy to set you straight:

In the few days before labour get started you might feel:

  • some niggly lower tummy cramps
  • mild diarrhoea or nausea
  • you might see a show (blog post coming soon)
  • or you might have a sudden burst of energy (also known as nesting…this is when some women have been known to start painting walls, cutting grass and clearing out cupboards!!)

As labour becomes more established you might notice that:

  • those niggly cramps will change to more regular contractions… these will feel wave like in nature (so starting off mild, reaching a peak and then reducing, with a nice little breather in between)
  • these ‘wave-like’ contractions will become more regular, and more coordinated as the day or indeed night carries on… eventually reaching a point where they are lasting 60ish seconds and coming every 5 minutes. And this ladies… is when you come to hospital-in labour!

Special Considerations:

If while waiting for these contractions to become more regular, you notice any of the below scenarios our advice would be to attend your hospitals assessment or emergency department for review:

  • Waters Breaking (blog coming soon)
  • Reduced fetal movements
  • Any vaginal bleeding
  • Any early or established labour signs before 37 weeks.

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