Antenatal Classes: Who should go and when?!

When Should I Take Antenatal Classes?

We recommend you attend our antenatal class in ideally your second or third trimester. Booking early is advised as there is limited availability.

Antenatal Class For Partners?

Antenatal classes aren’t just for mums-to-be. In fact, bringing your partner along to a class is a great way for them to feel more connected to the pregnancy, especially as they’re not the one physically carrying your little baby. As well as preparing you for the journey from bump to baby, antenatal classes can help your partner know what to expect. They give your partner a better idea of what is going to happen to you during delivery and of complications that could arise. This can help them to stay calmer as you give birth, so they are better able to truly be there for you when you need it most. Antenatal classes also give your partner a chance to voice concerns that they may not want to worry you with.