Baby First Aid

Simple actions can save lives: The Power of Knowing First Aid

According to the Irish Heart Foundation, people are 10 times more likely to perform CPR at an incident if they have some sort of first aid knowledge.

At the first aid class in The Baby Academy people often say, “if it was my baby, I would panic”. But once you are armed with the knowledge, confidence increases and you are prepared to act.

You Could Save a Life

So, what’s covered in the Baby Academy’s paediatric first aid class? You’ll learn valuable skills around how to act in an emergency, baby CPR, what to do if your baby chokes, how to use a defibrillator, medical emergencies including asthma, anaphylaxis, seizures, diabetes, trauma, wounds bleeding and fractures, how to deal with burns, plus lots more!

Sometimes, quick thinking in an emergency can have a dramatic impact on the extent of the injury. This is especially true of burns, one of the most common accidents that cause people to end up in A&E.

The Baby Academy online classes differ from your standard classes, where it is usually heavily led by heavy theory and technical language. Our classes are designed to ensure you will leave feeling like you have had a practical, useful and highly interactive experience.