What is a Caesarean Section Delivery?

Caesarean Section Delivery

At our antenatal class we always get asked about C-Sections, or Caesarean Section Deliveries. In Ireland, 33% of deliveries are Caesarean Section Deliveries.

What is it?

A caesarean section is an operation to allow your baby to be born without going through the birth canal. A caesarean section can be planned (elective) or unplanned (emergency). As a caesarean section is considered to be major surgery, it is only performed if there is a clinical need, following discussion between you and the obstetrician. The baby is born through an incision or opening in your tummy just below the bikini line. The midwife will come with you to theatre and will assist you with skin-to-skin and breastfeeding as normal after your baby is born.


Fetal distress during 1st stage (confirmed by both the baby’s heart rate and blood sample)
Failure to advance during 1st stage


  • Performed by obstetrician
  • Incision made to lower abdomen
  • Cervix <10cm / Baby not yet in birth canal
  • Pediatrician always present for delivery