Covid-19 and Pregnancy

Covid-19/Coronavirus and pregnancy

If you’re currently pregnant, you may be wondering how coronavirus or COVID-19 could affect your family.

The RCOG, The Royal College of Midwives and Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, have published a report by obstetric doctors, midwives, paediatric doctors and anaesthetists and broken it down into easy to digest sections. Note that this report is from March 9th, because new evidence comes to light all the time.


  • The latest evidence available suggests that pregnant women are at no greater risk of the consequences of COVID-19
  • It also suggests that the virus won’t be passed to your baby, that there is no increased risk of miscarriage and that your baby’s development won’t be affected

👶🏻 Birth

  • If you have suspected or confirmed COVID-19, advice from the report is for delivery to take place at an Obstetric unit so your baby can have continuous monitoring.
  • The report explains that Chinese data showed babies of infected mothers had an increased risk of distress in labour
  • The report explains that there is no evidence that a c-section is safer


  • The report suggests that if the mother has tested positive for COVID-19, the baby should be tested also
  • The report suggests that Mum and baby should not be separated

👧🏼 Baby-feeding

  • If Mum has tested positive for COVID-19, there is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted through Mum’s breastmilk
  • The report advises that in order to minimise the probability of the virus spreading to baby, Mum should wash her hands before touching baby and wear a face mask
  • If using formula feeding or expressed milk, it is important to sterilise bottles and breast-pumps

📝 Remember

  • This is a rapidly evolving situation and health professionals are learning more about the virus each day.
  • Evidence is very limited, however what we know is reassuring, in so much that the virus hasn’t been shown to pass to the baby during pregnancy.
  • We will update you as soon as guidance is available from the HSE. If you have any questions or concerns, please do talk with your midwife.