The Baby Academy from Home

Given the evolving nature of Covid-19 and the uncertainty facing a large number of antenatal classes around Ireland, we have made a number of decisions to support expectant parents during this time.

To ensure the on-going availability of antenatal education, our team here at The Baby Academy have created an online antenatal class, ensuring you receive evidence-based information to make the best decisions for you and your baby.

The online class is designed to help first-time expectant parents navigate the often overwhelming amount of content around pregnancy and early parenthood.

We understand that becoming a parent for the first time can leave you wondering where to start. We provide the Mums and Dads of today with the most up-to-date and evidence-based information, whilst leaving you in control of making your own decisions. This is The Baby Academy from Home.

  • You can pause, re-watch and rewind as you like and you have access to the video for 14 days.
  • All you require is a standard laptop or PC and internet connection.
  • We recommend that both mother and partner watch the class together.
  • You will be given access to the Online Antenatal Class at 9:30am on the date you choose. You will then have 14 days access.
  • If there is anything else we can help with, let us know and we’ll do all we can to help. In the meantime, wishing you all the best with your pregnancy.

Topics covered

Baby Care

  • Baby bath
  • Changing nappies
  • Skin & nail care
  • Cord care
  • Dressing baby
  • Safe Sleep and Temperature control
  • Birth cert & child benefits
  • Role of your Public Health Nurse and GP
  • Heel Prick Test
  • Vaccinations


  • Key signs to recognising labour
  • What is happening physically during the 3 stages
  • What can you do to help
  • Best positions for labour
  • How to know when to go to hospital
  • Understanding birth preferences
  • Coping strategies
  • Understanding pain relief options
  • Tips for your hospital bag checklist

Birth and Potential Complications

  • Birthing positions
  • Role of birthing partner
  • Instrumental birth
  • Caesarean birth
  • Induction of labour
  • What happens immediately after the birth
  • Skin to skin tips

Baby First Aid

  • Baby Choking
  • Baby CPR
  • Baby-proof the home
  • How to check baby for response
  • Baby recovery position
  • Clearing airway
  • Unconscious baby

The 4th Trimester and baby-feeding

  • Going home from hospital
  • Breast changes
  • How to know my baby is hungry
  • Positions for breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding latching advice
  • Supplementation – EBM and formula
  • Supports available
  • Winding tips
  • Vitamin D
  • Sterilising
  • Bonding tips
  • Awareness around signs and symptoms of postnatal depression