How can I stay hydrated during pregnancy?

Hydration is an essential component of your health during pregnancy. Your body is adapting to pregnancy, where among the huge range of changes occurring, your blood volume increases by 50%, adequate hydration is essential to this process. Pregnant women often suffer constipation during pregnancy, and water is a great way of combating constipation, as fibre intake needs water to keep the bowel function regular. Preventing constipation is also important as it decreases your chance of developing hemorrhoids, another unfortunate side effect of pregnancy. Furthermore, water decreases your chances of developing a urinary tract infection and swelling.

Aim to drink eight cups of water each day, even more if you live in a hot climate or you’ve been exercising. If you find this aim difficult, you can substitute a few of the cups with other liquids. Buying a water bottle that measures the amount you’re drinking and setting goals to fill it up a few times a day is a great way to reach those 8 cups! Your body and your baby will thank you for it!