HSE Guidelines For Expectant Irish Mothers In Hospital

The HSE has issued new guidelines following concerns from expectant mothers about restrictions being imposed on partners accessing labour wards in some hospitals.

  • Update is correct as of the last few days, and we will keep you updated as things change.
  • The update comes as the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists reassured pregnant women that they do not appear to be more likely to develop a serious illness if they contract Covid-19.
  • The Chair of the organisation Dr. Cliona Murphy said there had to date been no severe cases of the coronavirus among pregnant women in Ireland.
  • She said that expectant mothers generally have weaker immune systems in order for their pregnancies to continue successfully, and so they may pick up infections more easily.
  • The HSE says it is not yet known how Covid-19 affects pregnant women and their babies.
  • The new guidance states that women should be permitted and encouraged to have their birth partner alongside them during labour.
  • Of course is the partner has symptoms of coronavirus they are being asked to stay away from hospital and self-isolate at home.
  • Some hospitals are still prohibiting partners from attending during labour. We will update you as updates arise.