National Breastfeeding Week 1st to 7th October 2019

Some lovely words from our Lactation Consultant Fiona Dillon

Hi everyone and welcome to National Breastfeeding Week! This is an annual event held in the 10th month of the year, to represent the end of your 9 months of pregnancy…and the start of your breastfeeding journey!

The main message of this year’s celebration is “Every Breastfeed Makes a Difference”.

My main tip for Mums is to take baby steps (excuse the pun…no shame lol). Just get from feed to feed and go with the flow. Let’s start with the basics, what to wear?! The nicest outfit your baby can wear is their Birthday Suit! The best place for  baby is lying on your chest skin to skin. Skin to skin is beneficial to both mother and baby, as it regulates baby’s temperature, heart rate, blood sugar and stress levels (wow!). It promotes bonding and assists in the initiation of breastfeeding. Baby is also exposed to good bacteria from Mums skin, helping them fight off infection, and of course you’ve got yourself your very own hot water bottle <3

So watch out this week for events in your area , sign up for a Breastfeeding Preparation Course, check out local Breastfeeding groups, maybe attend a “Breastfeeding Party”, or be part of a “Latch on Event”. Most importantly let’s embrace the week and remember every breastfeed counts.

Fiona our author today is a Midwife, Public Health Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Fiona is passionate about providing mothers with the correct evidence based information and together making a difference to the long term health of Irish Mums and babies. She is a mother and has three beautiful grandchildren. Fiona delivers Breastfeeding Preparation courses at The Baby Academy.

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