The Christmas gift of Knowledge

So, we the got the most gorgeous phone call this week from a granny-to-be wondering if we do gift vouchers… she wanted to gift her son and daughter-in-law a little pressie of ‘The Baby Academy Experience’.

She explained how her son and daughter in law are quite practical (like most new parents), that they had all the necessities like a cot, pram and changer all sourced and purchased and that an antenatal education class was on their to-do list for the new year and she was very keen to get in there first and help them out with the cost.

At the time we didn’t have gift vouchers as on option on our website, to be honest it wasn’t something we had thought of. However, as we know the customer, or the client always knows best so to offer ease of purchase we have added the option on to our website.

One thought we initially had was, will the insurance company still offer a refund-this shouldn’t be an issue, the recipient of the voucher can call or DM us with their health insurance details and we will do the rest.

So if you have if you have an expecting sister in the Kris Kindle, or you are a group of gals looking to club together to get a pal a baby shower gift, if your Mom minds your kiddies and you think she’d feel more comfortable with a baby first aid course under her belt… these are all little ways where our gift vouchers might come in useful.

Keep linking in with your good ideas, and we are learning from you guys all the time!!

The Baby Academy gift voucher