The Last Push podcast with Kel Galavan

The Last Push podcast is hosted by Louise May, a midwife and Mum of 3, and joined by a special guest each, The Last Push podcast focuses on all things pregnancy and parenthood. Each episode will break down educational topics with Health professionals and real Mums and partners!

In this week’s episode, Louise sits down with Money Coach Kel Galavan. From no-spend days to a no-spend year, Kel reveals her tips to save money and enjoy life without financial pressures exacerbated by unnecessary spending. Kel dives into topics like no spend days, family money coaching, and food shopping made fun. We can all be guilty of some high spending habits, our host Louise was even surprised to learn she has some high spending habits. Listen in and learn some super family saving tips!

Becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest journeys, but let’s be real, there are days when it can be tough work! We aim to educate and empower modern parents with the most up-to-date evidence-based information.

The Last Push podcast is kindly sponsored by Aveeno Baby.

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