The Last Push podcast with Laura Cunningham

The Last Push podcast is hosted by Louise May, a midwife and Mum of 3, and joined by a special guest each, The Last Push podcast focuses on all things pregnancy and parenthood. Each episode will break down educational topics with Health professionals and real Mums and partners!

In this episode, the truly fabulous Laura Cunningham, head of content for Herfamily.ie, former editor of Confetti Magazine and Mum to Ziggy, joins our Midwife Louise to share her pregnancy and birth story. Laura gives an insight into being induced, an emergency c-section, and the early days of life with her little boy. Louise and Laura reflect on both becoming mothers when their own mothers had passed away, and the new insight that brings. Laura shares her wonderful outlook on co-parenting with Ziggy’s Dad and balancing work and life as a Mum.

Becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest journeys, but let’s be real, there are days when it can be tough work! We aim to educate and empower modern parents with the most up-to-date evidence-based information.

The Last Push podcast is kindly sponsored by Aveeno Baby.

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