The Last Push podcast with RuthAnne Cunningham

The Last Push podcast is hosted by Louise May, a midwife and Mum of 3, and joined by a special guest each, The Last Push podcast focuses on all things pregnancy and parenthood. Each episode will break down educational topics with Health professionals and real Mums and partners!

Louise is joined in this episode by singer and songwriter Ruthanne Cunningham. A fellow northsider, Ruthanne left Dublin behind at the age of 17 for LA, where she rose to dizzying heights of fame and is now a grammy nominated songwriter, working with artists including John Legend, Britney Spears and Niall Horan. She talks bravely about her experience with being diagnosed with endometriosis and adenometriosis following years of crippling pain, her first pregnancy loss, and the joyful birth of Lily-Mae.

Becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest journeys, but let’s be real, there are days when it can be tough work! We aim to educate and empower modern parents with the most up-to-date evidence-based information.

The Last Push podcast is kindly sponsored by Aveeno Baby.

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