The role of your GP during your pregnancy

Your GP plays a huge role both during your pregnancy and after your baby is born. When you first find out that you’re expecting it is your GP who will refer you to your Maternity Hospital of Choice… equally if you’d rather to just book in yourself that’s okay too.

Your GP will provide you with the advised vaccinations during pregnancy (Flu vaccine and the Pertussis vaccine… also known as whooping cough vaccine), and also support you antenatally sharing your antenatal check-ups with your Maternity Hospital… so generally you will find that you alternate appointments e.g. GP, then Maternity Hospital, GP, Maternity Hospital… and so on.

Once you’ve had your baby your GP will then see your baby at 2 weeks for the 2-week check, which will involve listening to baby’s heartbeat, answering any questions you might have and just overseeing that both you and baby are doing well. And then again at the 6-week check which will involve a full head to toe check.

You will also receive a 6-week GP check where the GP will monitor your blood pressure, review any stitches or wounds, talk to you about contraception, about cervical screening and your general mood.

And would you believe that this entire service is completely free of charge to you… you just need to fill out a form with your GP when you find out you are expecting and ensure that you schedule yourself in for all vaccinations and appointments.

Your GP will also provide your baby with the Free Under 6 GP care scheme (soon to be Under 8’s). This service is again free… however you will have to sign up for it yourself… and it is separate to the combined care. This will entitle your child to free GP visits, free assessments at age 2 and 5, GP home visits and out of hours urgent GP care. You can apply either online or post in your application form.

Any questions about GPs and their role please just pop us an email, live chat us or DM us.