Top Tips For Breastfeeding Twins

If you’re a mum of twins, breastfeeding can be doubly challenging at first: After all, you’ve got two mouths to feed, two little bodies to balance and three people who need to figure out this whole breastfeeding thing.

  • Consider a breastfeeding pillow designed especially for twins, as this can make it easier to position your babies. Two normal pillows will work perfectly too!
  • Get set up. When you’re first getting started, position the pillow and have someone hand you each baby, latching on one at a time. If you’re alone, set yourself up on the floor in front of the couch (with lots of pillows). Put the babies in their bouncer seats on either side of where you’ll be sitting. This will make it easier for you to latch on one baby, and reach for the other. Have a glass of water, your phone, and the tv remote within reach!
  • Find the right position. Try positioning both babies in the football or the cradle holds, using the pillow to support their heads. Or combine the cradle hold and the football hold, again using the pillow for support. Experiment until both you and your babies are comfortable.
  • Alternate breasts. Remember to switch breasts for each baby at each feeding so both breasts are stimulated equally.
  • Do what works for you. Don’t worry if tandem feeding isn’t right for you, even with practice. You can either bottle-feed one baby (using pumped milk or formula, if you’re supplementing) while breastfeeding the other (and then switch off) or breastfeed one after the other. What’s important is to do what works for you and your babies.
  • Focus on your latch. We learn about this in Ultimate Antenatal Class and Ultimate Breastfeeding Class!
  • Make sure to eat and stay hydrated. Breastfeeding one baby burns up to an additional 500 calories per day. That means when you’re breastfeeding twins, you’ll burn roughly 1,000 extra calories every day. You may notice strong hunger and it’s important to give your body the fuel it needs.

Double football position

Front cross position

Football and cradle position

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