Ultimate Weaning Class: New Service Launch

The Baby Academy team is delighted to be kick starting 2022 with a super exciting announcement!

We are adding to our suite of classes with the launch of our Ultimate Weaning Class in Ireland. This class will help support parents as they continue their journey into parenthood.

Weaning is an important period in a baby’s development. According to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, “The period from conception to two years of age is recognised as a critical time during which the food and nutrition habits established potentially influence lifelong health and well-being.”

This class will provide practical advice on topics such as baby’s nutritional needs, the three stages of weaning, and common baby allergies. Parents will leave this class with the knowledge and skills to establish lifelong healthy food habits for their children.

Leading health professionals have built this curriculum based on the latest guidelines and evidence. Classes will be delivered live and online by qualified and practicing Public Health Nurses.

Thank you to our entire team, who continuously work towards our vision of improved health and enhanced development for parents and babies globally.