What are the benefits of attending an Online Antenatal Class?

Having a baby is a fundamental part of human nature and some people don’t see any reason to attend an antenatal class, after all, women have been having babies for thousands of years and there weren’t antenatal classes available way back when.

However, research shows that those who attend an antenatal class have an increased likelihood of a vaginal birth, a lower rate of induction, are more likely to breastfeed, feel more confident during labour and birth with a decreased need for medication in labour.

Don’t believe us?

Women and partners who’ve attended antenatal or childbirth classes report that they feel more prepared because they know what to expect due to increased communication between them and their caregiver. Overall, making women more likely to have a positive birth experience.

In preparation for anything new in life we prepare, we plan and we gather information, this is what we strive to achieve for all women and their partners attending The Baby Academy’s antenatal class.

We believe that helping and guiding women and their partners at this exciting time is paramount, as ensuring that they receive appropriate antenatal information will ultimately help shape their birthing experience and their journey towards parenthood. The aim of our FREE Workshop and full-day Antenatal Class is to help prepare, empower and support women and their birthing partners during this exciting time helping to make birth and adjusting to parenthood a positive experience.

Sign up to our FREE Baby Care Workshop and start your baby prep today. Hope to see you at one of our classes soon!