Why should I attend an antenatal class?

Why should I attend an antenatal class?

In preparation for anything new in life we prepare, we plan and we gather information. This guides us in knowing what to expect, it builds our knowledge base and our confidence which in turn keeps us calm and in control. Childbirth is absolutely no different.

Women report that those who feel prepared, who know what to expect and who feel listened to are more likely to have a positive birth experience. This is not necessarily what we associate as ‘the natural birth’, but a positive birthing experience regardless of delivery mode…. this is what we strive to achieve for all women and their partners attending The Baby Academy.

At The Baby Academy we believe that helping and guiding women and their partners at this exciting time is paramount, as ensuring that they receive appropriate antenatal information will ultimately help shape their birthing experience and their journey towards parenthood.

The aim of our full day antenatal course is to help prepare, empower and support women and their birthing partners during this exciting time helping to make birth and adjusting to parenthood a positive experience.

So what’s covered in our full day antenatal class?

First up… We discuss the normal physiology of labour and birth, building the woman and her birthing partners’ confidence regarding staying at home in the early stages of labour. We explain the admission procedure, the plan of care while in labour, the birth itself, the delivery of the placenta, and the importance of early breastfeeding and skin to skin. Pain relief options are outlined, special circumstances such as an instrumental delivery, induction of labour and caesarean section are also discussed emphasising that this is a day that we can of course prepare for but unfortunately cannot plan. This info is shared in a relaxed and good humoured manor and is sprinkled with lots of practical little hints and tips that our outstanding antenatal instructors have picked up over their many years working with labouring women in the maternity setting.

After lunch we will focus on infant feeding. We discuss the physiology of breastfeeding and track the timeline of a typical breastfed baby. We aim to set a realistic expectation of what to expect explaining on demand feeding, supply and demand nature of milk supply and the breastfeeding woman’s body. Practical elements around feeding such as the importance of good support networks, sterilisation, winding a baby and oral vitamin D are also discussed. For women who for medical reasons are unable to breastfeed, or those who choose not to, we will happily discuss the preparation of a formula bottle. Again… our instructors are both midwives and Moms so they will as always share plenty of little hints and tips to ensure that infant feeding runs smoothly for all!!

And finally, the last stretch… Babycare and going home! Our class rounds up with a two hour session which will empower and prepare our Baby Academy parents for the transition from hospital to home. We will cover practical elements and safety points around holding a newborn baby, dressing and clothing, bathing, nappy changing and the importance of good skincare. Car safety and safe sleep are also discussed and demonstrated in detail. We inform the group regarding what to expect postnatally ensuring that adequate time is spent discussing positive mental health promotion, signs and symptoms of postnatal depression and supports available. We discuss all routine assessments for both baby and mum prior to discharge from the hospital and at home in the community. Information regarding birth certificate, child benefit, vaccinations, under 6 free GP care scheme, when to call a doctor and the role of the Public Health Nurse are also discussed.

So all in all a very comprehensive antenatal course which will be delivered in a very relaxed and good humoured manor.

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I hope this is helpful! Looking forward to seeing you all