Your Stories – Baby Zeke

Baby Zeke came into the world 3 weeks early, after an unexpected induction because of an IUGR.

During labour his heart rate dropped and forceps and ventouse were used. After the delivery, my placenta had to be manually removed in theatre. On top of this, we were in the midst of a global pandemic leaving my husband sidelined for a lot of the experience. After being released 4 days later because Zeke had some health complications, he was then readmitted for a night due to jaundice. Needless to say, nothing went how I expected and my birth plan was thrown out the window.

While we are now settled in at home happy and healthy, at the time it was a very stressful week for us. My husband and I attended The Baby Academy free 2 hour course in person and then the full day antenatal course virtually. I am hugely grateful for the knowledge we gained from both courses. Because I had an understanding of what could happen during labour and delivery and was prepared for different scenarios it made a very stressful situation manageable. The resources provided by The Baby Academy were an incredible gift for our family during that time.

There is so much information out there, and The Baby Academy made it easy to learn and understand how to make it through the first few weeks- from understanding about an instrumental delivery to knowing what colour Zeke’s poo should be. The Baby Academy has allowed us to really enjoy this time with Zeke!!