We Believe in a World Where All Parents Have Access to The Best Education and Resources

To improve the health and development of their babies and themselves, from pre-conception to childhood.

Our Mission

The Baby Academy will harness and curate the collective knowledge of the world’s leading healthcare professionals and offer it to parents worldwide in the most accessible and entertaining way.

Setting the Context

The Problem

Current and evolving patient education and support needs add to your everyday challenges to continually deliver these services, keep them up to date and make them accessible to all. In addition, your patients increasingly expect access to digital healthcare including online, convenient perinatal education, and support services to have an optimal experience throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum parenting journey.

The Solution

The Baby Academy partners with health care providers, like you, to seamlessly facilitate and augment your perinatal education, reducing the demands on your resources, helping you reach your patient and practice goals. We provide an extensive suite of evidence-based, expert-reviewed, perinatal classes and support services, delivered by the very best healthcare professionals.

The Benefit

We help empower your patients towards improved outcomes and greater health and wellbeing by letting them experience perinatal education at its best and by helping them understand what they need to know for their parenting journey. We also make it easy for you and your patients by delivering our services on one accessible and convenient platform, and through our passionate and engaging team of qualified, experienced experts.

Meet our Founders

The Baby Academy was founded by three like-minded individuals, Susan Hogan, Brian McGovern, and Tom McGovern, who have all seen and experienced firsthand how empowering education can be for people. They share a combined vision to improve the health and development of all parents and babies, wherever they may be, through access to the very best education and resources. They saw the opportunity in perinatal education and are passionate about providing excellence in education and support for expectant and new parents. They use their combined experience and expertise to ensure this is done in the most accessible, convenient, and engaging way possible for everyone.

Sue Hogan MSc, RM, RGN

Sue currently manages the Parent Education Department in a large maternity hospital.  She is also involved in the development of a standardized Pregnancy Education Program – soon to be shared with expectant parents. With a Masters in Leadership, and a focus on Digitalizing Parent Education Sue was excited to co-found The Baby Academy. Sue is extremely humbled by the sheer number of families The Baby Academy has supported to date. She is grateful that The Baby Academy has provided a platform for expectant parents and new families to easily access up-to-date, evidence-based education from qualified health professionals in such a convenient and accessible way.

Sue explains that her main drive is “Supporting new families-helping them to feel confident and in control during their pregnancy, their birth and as they grow as a family unit.”

Brian McGovern

Brian has been deeply involved in education for over 12 years, initially starting as an educator before moving into a management role. Alongside education, Brian is involved in a number of social initiatives and has a deep passion for ensuring perinatal education is accessible to all.

“Here at The Baby Academy, we are passionate and fixated on doing the right thing, that is, putting the health and wellbeing of mother, partner, and baby first. We are privileged to share their parenthood journey and appreciate that our content can have profound impacts; so, we will treat it with due care whilst adding a real spark to our education.”

Tom McGovern

Tom has had a deep passion for education since an early age. In 2019, Tom co-founded The Baby Academy to revolutionize maternity and perinatal education and support worldwide through its unique evidence-based content and inspirational educators.

“At The Baby Academy, we aim to meet the needs of today’s modern parents by bringing our services into the comfort of their home in an accessible, trusting and entertaining manner. Ensuring that expectant and new parents from all socio-economic backgrounds have access to our services is paramount, and The Baby Academy has several programs to achieve just that.”

Board of Directors

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Ensuring Financial Constraints Don’t Deny Access for All

At The Baby Academy it is our mission to ensure perinatal education is accessible to all new families, regardless of their socio-economic situation. You may have patients who may not be able to afford our paid services. We will ensure they get free access, via our All-Families Program. This program will enable you to offer easy access to those who may genuinely not otherwise be able to access good quality pre and post natal education and support.

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