Your Perinatal Education Made Easy

The Baby Academy’s partnership and patient-centric approach make it easy for you to augment your perinatal education service to meet your current education demands and evolving patient needs. Our broad curriculum of classes and support services is engaging for all types of learners and is delivered at their convenience.

A Convenient Perinatal Education Solution For You and Your Patients


Improving patient experience and outcomes by empowering them through augmented high-quality education and support to make informed decisions on their parenting journey.


With our track record of excellence, expertise, and a deep understanding of patient education needs, we facilitate the seamless delivery of your perinatal education and support program.


Our solution offers access to perinatal education for all and exceptional engagement, ensuring your patients know what they need to and that you get to optimize your resources.

How it Works

The Baby Academy facilitates and manages your augmented perinatal education and support program on one accessible, convenient platform.

Improved Outcomes

Accessible, convenient and engaging perinatal education ensures more informed and educated patients leading to less unnecessary visits and calls, reduced cost of care and improved outcomes.

Resource Optimisation

The Baby Academy use our resources to ensure that your patients can easily access their perinatal education, allowing you to focus your resources where they’re needed most.

Achieving Your Goals

Enhanced education leads to optimal patient experience, increasing patient loyalty, enhancing your reputation, and helping you achieve your goals.

Tailored To Your Needs

We tailor our program to incorporate any specific policy or procedural needs that you require to communicate with your patients.

How Education Delivers Outcomes

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200+ Cases

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100% Success Rate

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Over 1M Satisfied Clients

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Partnering With The Baby Academy

Good For You

  • Enhanced perinatal education service.
  • Reduced burden on your resources.
  • Improved patient outcomes.
  • Reduced cost of care.

Good For Patients

  • Informed, prepared, and confident.
  • Reduced uncertainty and anxiety
  • Better Decision Making and Outcomes.
  • Good patient experience.

A Partner You Can Count On

Launched in 2019

The Baby Academy now operates in five countries, with a deep understanding of the patient education needs in the US through our established B2C business.

Our Team

Our office based staff and healthcare professional instructors are led by Susan Hogan, Head of Maternity Education, in a large maternity hospital, our team of experts are ready to deliver on your requirements.

Health Professionals Local to the US

Delivery of up-to-date and evidence-based education. A track record of exceptional engagement levels – 98% completion rate of those attending our live online classes.

Medical Advisory Board

All content is expert reviewed and aligned with latest US standards.

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